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Organizujemy zajęcia wychowawcze i programy edukacyjne dla młodzieży nieprzystosowanej społecznie oraz dzieci romskich w wieku przedszkolnym.

"The Young Fuse"


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"The Young Fuse"

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Partners :

Asociace středoškolských klubů České republiky z.s

Primary school Stara Lubovna

Uzhgorod Trade and Economic Institute KNTEU



3. Warsztaty "Young Fuse" Nowym Saczu

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2. Warsztaty w Nowym Sączu !!

W dniach 07-09 maja br odbędą się w Nowym Sączu Warsztaty programu Visegrad Fund - "Young Fuse", z udziałem młodzieży i opiekunów z Czech, Polski, Słowacji i Ukrainy

Zapraszamy do śledzenia relacji z warsztatów na naszej stronie, oraz Facebooku

1. preparatory meeting

On April 10-11, 2019, a preparatory meeting of the "Young Fuse" project will take place in Barcice near Nowy Sącz.
The meeting next to the organizers will be attended by representatives of project partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.



A project for disadvantaged youth, for young people who are not immune to advertising activities of corporations, banks, stores, network operators and other entities. There are many offers surrounded by young people who are willing to buy, sign contracts and then pay installments, pay bills. This causes the debt of the youth, if the family pays it’s no problem, if it does not pay, a difficult situation arises for these young people. Consequently, it often leads teenagers to crime, which, being a debtor at all costs, gains money or does not pay off debts. A project for young people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland aged 17-19. The project is addressed to young people who easily fall into the trap of loans, installment purchases, and signing of bad contracts. Young people do not have experience in installment purchases, often they do not understand loan agreements or other contracts related to buying something in installments. Being exposed to advertising causes obligations, lack of financial means to pay off obligations leads to either insolvency which forces parents to pay debts or leads young people to crime. This project allows young people to learn about the dangers of debt, show young people how to use loans safely and in the event of a situation like that. The project will be attended by young people, bank advisors, consumer ombudsman, lawyers, policeman, trainers. The program includes workshops, urban games, cognitive classes, competitions, classes in supermarkets, preparation of a guide for young people, Web page.















Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Rodziny w Nowym Sączu

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